aPOCalypse Weekend 2017


CSz Chicago is very proud to announce aPOCalypse Weekend 2017, September 21-23. Every ComedySportz match this weekend will feature ensemble members from CSz Chicago many other CSz cities across the country (Boston, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Columbus, Richmond, Portland) who identify as POC (Performer/Person Of Color). This year CSZ Chicago turned 30 years old and during that time the face of improv, theater and this country has changed very much. As we enter our next 30 years we wanted to not only highlight but also celebrate some of the changes that have allowed CSz Chicago to remain an important part of the improv/theater community in Chicago.

We want to celebrate our differences, the changes and progress that we have made over the last 30 years but most importantly we want you all to come on out and just enjoy the shows and laugh with us. Because at the end of the day it doesn't matter where you are from or what the color of your skin is LAUGHTER AND COMEDY IS FOR EVERYONE!!

Performances are Thursday and Friday at 8p, Saturday at 6p, 8p, & 10p.  

Beyond some memorable ComedySportz matches, this weekend is also meant to empower our Chicago and visiting Ensemble Members.  On Saturday September 23rd we will also feature two workshops designed specifically for our aPOCalypse Weekend. One is being taught by a visiting improv team from our neighbor theater, Annoyance Theater. Matt Damon Improv will be teaching an Empowerment Workshop specifically designed around their long form format (that was created based off of short form games). The other is designed by our very own Diversity and Inclusion group and will be taught by one of the members of D&I, Erica Gooch (a CSz Philadelphia Ensemble member and one of our visiting performers). The Matt Damon Improv Workshop will be open to all and our D&I Workshop will be available to our CSz students, house team members and students from our school of professional improv.