Q&A With Jason Ronje: On Creating Laughter

Jason Ronje has been doing ComedySportz for almost half of his existence on earth. Previously coming from Houston, TX, he has been an Ensemble member here in Chicago for over a year now. Jason is known for both his love of pugs and the word y’all. While he loves making people laugh from our stage, he is an all around do-gooder, believing in the best of people and trying his hardest to spread a little joy wherever he can.

Do you believe that LAUGHTER is universal?

Before we can sit up, talk, or walk, we learn how to laugh. It’s one of the first things we do consciously. Something is funny: we laugh, even before we know why it’s funny. ALL OF US LAUGH - even if it’s for different reasons, we all laugh.

How do you think the world would be different if we began interactions with laughter?

Too often we approach life as if we are the only ones in the world. How great would it be if we would just slow down and talk to someone we don't know. Maybe crack a joke about the slow elevator at work rather than just stand in complete silence. I think it would just make everyone a little bit less on edge and a little bit happier.

What do you think comedy/laughter brings to the world?

RELIEF SWEET RELIEF! The world is crazy, it always has been and it will continue to be crazy. How great is it to forget all of that, even for just a little bit?! That’s what laughter and comedy provide us. A sweet escape from the realms of reality where our stressful jobs are located. Laughing makes us forget that we have to go to the grocery store after the gym, but before we have to be at the dentist because it’s the absolute only time we can go. Our lives are stressful, and laughter gives us a break from that.

How do you feel when you make the whole room laugh?

It reassures me that I'm not crazy--like I'm doing something right.

What is something that will always make you laugh?

"Two Muffins are in an oven. One muffin looks at the other and says 'Boy, it’s hot in here!' and the other muffin says 'AHHHHH a talking muffin!'" This has been my favorite joke since 5th grade, and it will never not be my favorite joke.

Is comedy a good way of communicating? Why?

Comedy is a great way to convey your point. Look at how effective shows like Last Week Tonight and the Daily Show are at making us laugh by telling us the news. Poking fun is sometimes the best way to convey your information or prove your point.