10 Tips: Holiday Parties Made Easy!

If you have been tasked with this project, never fear, below you will find 10 tips to help you not only succeed but also shine like a twinkly holiday light!

  1. Book early to get a discount. The holidays are critical for guaranteeing revenue. Booking far enough in advance with the right organization, might get you a discount to lock in your business. 

  2. Pick an all-inclusive vendor. Why book the entertainment separately when you can get the entertainment, the venue, and the bar all in one? Remember, the more vendors you hire, the more you have to manage. If your business is like most, the holidays are not the time you want more work.

  3. Make sure your entertainment is HR friendly. As you know, your company’s HR policies for appropriate workplace behavior usually extend to all work functions.  Ask your potential performers if you can see them perform beforehand. 

  4. Partner with a vendor that gives you options. Not every group outing is the same. Does your vendor have a venue that will fit your needs?  Do they have drink and food options? Can you mix-n-match their options to fit your needs? (For instance, can you use their venue, but bring in your own favorite caterer?) Some vendors lock you in with the exclusive relationships they already have in place.  Ask first!

  5. Match your alcohol package to your company’s culture. Liquor expenses can easily sink your budget. If your company is “young-n-fun,” you probably want a bar package that charges a rate per guest. If your company is more conservative, you might get a better deal purchasing on consumption. Make the right match and your VP of Finance will be super happy at the end of the night!

  6. Pick a place that’s easy to get to. If you are planning an off-site event, make sure everyone can get there easily. This is especially important if the event is taking place during or immediately following the work day. The venue should be convenient to public transportation, particularly if drinking is a big part of the evening! 

  7. Make sure the event feels like a reward. Be sure to choose an activity you think everyone will enjoy. Be a great boss and make your employees feel appreciated!

  8. Keep to the budget! Be up front with all your vendors on your true budget. Tell them the all-inclusive price you would like to keep within. All inclusive should include the cost of tax and gratuity. Don’t be surprised at the end of the event with these extra charges which can easily be an additional 30%.

  9. Don’t do the entertainment yourself. Often, people in your office are going to want to save money by “doing some skits” or a “talent show.”  Remember, this isn’t just a party. It’s the morale-building event that will set the tone for the upcoming year. No pressure, but let professionals be the “office clowns” for your big night.

  10. Work with a company known for professional event management. Anyone can say they do corporate events. Ask if they have a Certified Meeting Professional on staff. If they do, ask to speak with them – the presence of a CMP means they have a professional who can handle all aspects of your event who has independently recognized ability in the field.

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